Premiere Dance Opens Their Season Performing at the Philadelphia 76ers Game and Dancing in Their Community

Premiere Dance

The Dynamics Company Dancers of Premiere Dance Hillsborough had the exciting opportunity, for the second year in a row, to perform a dance routine before the Philadelphia 76ers game on Saturday, December 2nd. Fifty of the Dynamics Company Dancers took center court and performed a 2-minute routine they learned over the course of a month. The routine was choreographed by Studio Director, Michelle Cunningham, and Assistant Directors, Allie Nagy, Corinna Ahart, and Lisa Burton. It included dancers ages 6-14, of all levels of the Company, and was a combination of dance styles. Studio Director, Michelle Cunningham said, “I love that at Premiere we provide opportunity in all areas of performing. From major sporting events to local community shows, charity events, and national competitions, it shows them that to be a dancer means entertaining and expressing yourself to your audience through many different channels.”

Parents, siblings, extended family, and friends were in attendance at this exciting event. The 76ers said Premiere Dance Hillsborough impressed them yet again and were amazed at how professional and wonderful the dancers, families, and faculty was! Premiere Dance Hillsborough students had an amazing time at this event and will cherish this great memory. Premiere has plans to continue to provide unique opportunities such as this to their students in addition to the highest quality dance instruction available in Central NJ.

Premiere Dance

In addition to starting their season off at the 76ers game, on Saturday, December 16th, 50 of Premiere Dance’s Company members, ages 7-17, performed excerpts of The Nutcracker, choreographed by their ballet teacher, Miss Colleen Guy, at Avalon Assisted Living in Hillsborough, NJ.

Colleen Guy said, “I wanted to do this event to support our local community. I have lived in Hillsborough for seven years now, and I think it is important to care and give back to your community. As a ballet teacher, the Nutcracker was an instant thought in my head during the holiday season. I knew that residents at an assisted living would enjoy such a classical piece. With the support of my director, Michelle Cunningham, I was able to pull this together in just a few short weeks. My students normally go on stage for competition, but this time they would be performing for a different reason. They are performing to spread cheer to the residents of Avalon Assisted Living in Hillsborough.”

The week before the show, there was a studio rehearsal. While the dancers were waiting their turn to practice, they made all sorts of holiday cards to give out at the conclusion of their performance. They made well over 100 cards that day. The dancers started out the show by reading the story of the Nutcracker. Some of our Senior Dynamics Company Members volunteered to do the readings. This was followed by five dances: The Junior Dynamics Company Members performing the Children’s March, Pointe III performing Marzipan, Petite Dynamics Company Members performing Polichinelles, Teen Dynamics Company Members performing Spanish, and finally Senior Dynamics Company Members performing Sugar Plum Fairy.

Premiere Dance

At the conclusion of the show, all of the dancers came out to take a bow, and then they each got a card and handed to it an audience member. Some of the dancers handed extra cards to residents in the lobby and the halls.

The Dynamics Company Members will be heading into their competitive season starting February 3rd.

Premiere Dance Hillsborough is still accepting registration for their 2017-18 season. Don’t miss your chance to dance with Premiere! Visit the Premiere Dance NJ website to see the class schedule and to register your dancer!

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