Class Descriptions

Ballet represents the foundation of all of the various dance genres. Therefore, we highly recommend that all students start at the barre to learn vital skills.

Tap offers students an opportunity to inject rhythm and sound into the experience. Dancers will learn important techniques to help enhance their tapping skills.

Jazz involves expanding movement and choreography that will help participants reach new levels of flexibility and coordination.

Lyrical pushes participants to delve into their own innate creativity and style. By combining techniques integral to Jazz and Ballet, this style promises to be a unique experience for every participant.

Modern techniques will expand students’ abilities to express themselves with movement.

Contemporary is an exhilarating mixture of Ballet, Modern, and Jazz techniques.

Hip Hop offers the opportunity for students to incorporate upbeat and funky moves into routines.

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All Bodies Speak

This dance class is designed for our developmentally or physically disabled community members of ALL ages. Participants work on increasing confidence, developing coordination skills, and rhythmicity. DanceAbility® International certified teacher, Lea Sargiotto adjusts any accommodations needed to create a common ground for all participants for an opportunity to perform in PDH’s dance recital because “All Bodies Speak!”

Dance Together:  Ages 18 – 36 months

This class titled “Dance Together” will run as a mommy and me concept. The class is offered to girls ages 18 to 36 months and their parent/guardian. Dance Together will help the parent and child adjust to new group activities and will introduce your child to natural rhythms and first step motor skills. Suitable games, music and props will motivate self-discovery. In a stimulated environment, your child can benefit both physically and emotionally while interacting with you. The dress code is very relaxed. Dance attire or comfortable exercising clothing are both welcome. Non-skid socks or ballet shoes are recommended for the little ones. Socks are recommended for adults.

Nursery Dance: Ages 3-4

Nursery Dance is a fun filled introductory ballet/tap combination class. This class balances age appropriate dance training with creative concepts which enable the students to enjoy the learning process. Motor skill development, and self-confidence are also great advantages gained from this class.

Kindercombo: Ages 4-5

Kindercombo is a formal introduction to dance through combinations of various dance genres. Choice of genres include ballet, tap, lyrical, jazz and hip hop. This class will enhance the dancer’s spatial and musical awareness. A gentle but more structured curriculum is presented at this level as your child becomes ready for more traditional training.

Intro to Ballet / Tumbling: Ages 4 – 6

Students will be introduced to the basic ballet placement, terminology and body awareness. Basic tumbling/acro material will be taught such as forward rolls, log rolls, crab walks, frogs jumps, cartwheels and more.


Ballet is the basic foundation of all dance forms and is highly recommended as a compliment to other dance classes. Proper body placement, carriage, poise, grace and agility are included in this art form. Terminology and placement learned in ballet quickens advancement in several dance genres.


Students will learn to use the sound of one’s shoes, hitting the floor, as a percussive instrument. Syncopation and rhythmic tapping will be broken down with technique and terminology. A warm-up across the floor, center work and small combinations will be taught.


This genre explores traditional, classic, Broadway, and contemporary styles in a fun and energetic atmosphere. A jazz warm up is given focusing on isolations, coordination, flexibility, strength and musicality. This is followed by jazz progressions across the floor. The class concludes with a jazz combination in which students learn jazz choreography to further prepare them for a full length jazz routine.


Lyrical dance is a style that incorporates classic jazz and ballet technique. This genre focuses on the expression of strong emotion and is designed to extend the dancer’s creativity. The style concentrates more on individual approach and expressiveness than the precision of the dancer’s movement. Ballet training is highly recommended.


In this class, students will learn techniques of modern dance pioneers such as Martha Graham and Doris Humphrey. Students will also be taught to express themselves as dancers with some improvisational exercises. Modern is a great preparation for students who are considering dance as a possible study in higher education. Ballet training recommended.


Contemporary dance is a fusion of jazz, modern, and ballet techniques which can be set to almost any style of music. Contemporary is characterized by its versatility and ability to unite other dance forms to create new styles of movement. Ballet training is highly recommended.

Broadway Jazz: Company Dancers

PDH Company dancers will learn and compete with choreography based on popular set musicals incorporating classic jazz techniques with a flavor of musical theatre.

Hip Hop:

Hip hop offers popular street style and dance video moves put into combinations that are fun, exciting, upbeat and entertaining. Placement, style, and musicality are stressed in this class.

Boys Hip Hop:

This hip hop class is for boys only, ages 7-11. Please see Hip Hop for description of the class.

Improvisation Techniques:

Improvisation is where dancers create movement without any prior set choreography. Dancers will discover new ways of moving and finding their personal ‘voice’ through assistance and exercise. Students will learn how to use spatial and level patterns as well.


Dancing on pointe is the act of standing on the tips of the toes while executing selected ballet steps. Special pointe shoes are to be worn. Dancing on pointe requires strength and skill. Prior permission from the instructor is required before students begin to take pointe classes. Recommended dancers must take a minimum of two ballet classes a week.

Musical Theatre:

This class is for students ages 8 & up and is about dissecting characters and working on that performance based idea. Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, dance, acting and spoken dialogue. During the course of this class students will be able to utilize their acting and singing abilities, as well as their dancing skills.

Acro Dance:

Acro I, for students ages 7-11, is a style of dance which combines classical dance technique with precision acrobatic elements. Forward rolls, backward rolls, handstands, bridges, cartwheels and round-offs and more are set goals the students are expected to master during this curriculum.

Acro II, for ages 9-13, will focus mainly on acrobatic technique, with some incorporated dance technique. Students should previously have an understanding of basic acro skills such as cartwheels, forward and backward rolls, hand stands, back bends, and round-offs. Throughout the year, students will learn more difficult tricks such as handstand rolls, front and back limbers, front and back walkovers, dive rolls, back extension rolls.

Stretch and Strength:

Dancers ages 8 & up will learn various types of stretching to prevent injury, increase flexibility, and rehabilitate pulled/sore muscles. Strength and conditioning will also be included such as abdominal work, upper body exercises, squats, band work for foot strengthening, and cardio for endurance.

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