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Hip hop is a creative style of dance enjoyed and performed around the world as a hobby, a form of exercise, as a competitive dance (in “crews” or teams), and as a form of professional entertainment. Hip hop began as an improvisational form of street dance and expressionism and has influenced many other styles of dance. This form of dance’s energetic, free-form principles provides an excellent foundation for boys and girls of all ages. Our professional choreographers and instructors provide the opportunity for young people to learn the fundamentals of this celebrated style of dance while having fun and developing an exciting new skill.

About Our Classes and Studio Space

Premiere Dance

Our class schedule is divided by skill level and is led by instructors who specialize in their areas of expertise based on experience and training. Our four quality studios are used to teach many styles of dance, including jazz, ballet, lyrical dance, contemporary dance, modern dance, and acrobatics. We instruct students typically between the ages of two and a half and eighteen. Our premium dance studios are equipped with high-quality sound systems, barres and floors, as well as viewing lounges where parents are welcome to observe the classes.

What To Wear for Hip Hop

Students are asked to come ready to dance and dressed in the following attire:

  • Hair pulled securely away from the face
  • Sneakers, tennis shoes, or combat boots
  • Athletic shorts or pants
  • Relaxed fit tees or tank tops

Designed With Kids and Parents In Mind

Our specially designed studios are built with the considerations of parents, as well as students, in mind. In addition to our studio spaces, we offer two spacious and comfortable lounges with free Wi-Fi that parents can use while children are in classes. TV monitors display live classes around the studio to allow parents to monitor their children while dance sessions are taking place. Premiere Dance Hillsborough families are afforded a discounted membership at HRC Fitness, located onsite.

Call us today to sign up your child and find out more about our hip hop classes, instructors, and schedules.

Premiere Dance
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