Tap Dance Classes for All Ages


At Premiere Dance Hillsborough, we are passionate about providing high-quality dance training to students of all levels and ages. We offer tap dance classes for students as young as 4, as well as classes for competitive dancers. Tap is an engaging dance style with a rich history, and it is often taken with ballet to teach beginning fundamentals.

Premiere Tap Dance Classes for All AgesThe Origins of Tap

The tap dance style began its start in the communities of the southern United States during the late 18th century. The dance combined traditional African movements with steps similar to those in British clogging and Irish dance, resulting in a lively style that could be performed at the drop of a hat―with or without music. More often than not, the dancers performed outside and used a wooden board to amplify the sound.

It didn’t take long for this impressive, yet simple, art form to make its way onto American stages. Theatrical tap dancers used shoes with either leather or wooden soles, and they were seen in performances across the nation by the turn of the 20th century.

Dance legends such as Fred Astaire and Gene Kelly ushered in today’s popular style of tap dancing during the 1930s, 1940s, and 1950s. Wooden and leather-soled shoes were replaced with modern metal-plated tap shoes in the 1920s, and traditional steps merged with techniques from ballroom dancing and ballet to create a style that appeals to a diverse range of personalities.


Tap Dance Techniques

Tap is a creative style of percussive dance where tappers use their feet as rhythmic instruments.Our award-winning tap instructors help our youngest students explore rhythm, music and beats, and movement as they teach basic tap techniques and terminology. Beginners start with simple one and two-step movements, such as toe and heel taps, flaps, and shuffles. Dancers who advance through our tap classes master more complex moves and learn to combine movements into small combinations all while developing their personal styles and techniques.


Our Tap Dance Class Options

New classes start each fall at Premiere Dance Hillsborough, and new registrations are accepted throughout the season when openings exist.Group Tap Performance at Premiere Dance Hillsborough

• Our Kinder-Combo class combines the fundamental grace of classic ballet with the creative expression of tap to provide 4 and 5-year-old students with a solid introduction to dance.

• Our Tap l classes are designed for 6 to 8-year olds to begin to introduce terms and techniques.

• We have Tap ll classes for various age groups between 8 and 12. Dancers learn to begin to put movement together and create rhythms.

• Our Tap III class accommodates students over 12 and learn complex tap steps, create short combinations, and learn about rhythms and tempos.

• Our competition-level tap classes are open to members of our award-winning Dynamics Dance Company. Students must be at least 5 to audition.

Look over our current class schedule for class times and additional information.


Why Dance With Premiere Dance Hillsborough?

Our talented, highly qualified instructors set us apart from other dance studios in Central Jersey and beyond. We offer more than 100 dance classes each season, as well as a selection of summer classes and camps. Premiere Dance students train in one of five high-quality dance studios within our facility, and each space is equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, flooring, and gear. Our convenient Hillsborough location is set up with comfortable viewing lounges and video monitors for parents, and the HRC club is also available while your child is in class. We teach a variety of dance forms, including tap and ballet, musical theater, hip-hop, Competitive Tap Performance at Premiere Dance Hillsboroughlyrical and contemporary, modern, and acro-dance, and our award-winning competitive team continues to thrive throughout the nation.