Find Modern Dance Classes in Somerset County

At Premiere Dance Hillsborough, we offer a wide range of dance instruction, including modern dance classes led by talented, dedicated instructors. We also teach classes in ballet, jazz, tap, and other techniques, available for preschoolers to high school seniors. In addition, our dance studio offers specialty classes for adults, for individuals with disabilities, and for parents and their young children (ages 18 to 36 months) to dance together. Stop by to learn more about our exciting, quality studio.

Premiere Dance Hillsborough Teaches Modern Dance TechniquesAbout Modern Dance and Movement

In the early 1900s, modern dance emerged as an alternative to the more rigid structure of formal ballet. Loie Fuller, Ruth St. Denis, Ted Shawn are a few contemporaries who began to move with a desire to move across space more freely. Modern dance historically focused on freedom of expression using the entire body, including the torso, shoulders, and hands. It became a medium where dancers could more readily express feelings and emotions during their routines.

Later Mid-century, codified techniques of modern dance pioneers- Doris Humphrey, Martha Graham, Merce Cunningham emerged as alternatives of classical ballet.

What You Will Learn

At PDH, students of modern dance will learn values of techniques pioneered by many dancing greats. Emphasis will be placed on self-expression, fostered through improvisational exercises.

We teach modern techniques that expand each student’s ability to express themselves using movement creatively.Premiere Dance Hillsborough Teaches Improvisational Modern Dance

Class Options

We offer a comprehensive list of courses to build skills in dancers ages three to 18 of all levels and abilities. We value inclusivity and provide “All Bodies Speak,” a dance class designed for community members with developmental or physical disabilities. Our modern dance offerings include higher-level classes for ages 9 and up. Courses include Modern III, Modern Technique Classes, Modern Specialty Classes for many ages, Improvisation Technique Classes.

In addition, our contemporary dance classes offer many modern values and elements. These classes combine the techniques of ballet, modern, and jazz dance. Contemporary dance options are available for youth, pre-teens, teens, juniors, and seniors, in small or larger group settings.


Why Choose Premiere Dance Hillsborough

We are dedicated to helping each individual dancer, girl or boy, expand their abilities and express creativity. Our caring, competent instructors bring to the table extensive experience, skills, and training in a variety of dance forms. What’s more, we encourage parent participation, enabling you to see your child through our viewing lounges.

Feel free to visit our newly renovated facility. We offer five top-quality studio spaces. All studios are fully equipped with premium sound, barres, marley floors, and other dance amenities.